2021 ~ Yoga Source Employment Application
Exciting news, Yoga Source has re-opened!
And, we are committed to impacting more lives through yoga and mindfulness this year and need to
expand our support team to ensure we reach our goals.
Yoga Source, a local, homegrown yoga studio, began over 20 year ago and was founded by four pioneering women with a vision to offer the community an inspirational resource for personal development and overall well-being. Fast forward to 2021, we continue to uphold that mission with weekly class offerings, workshops and training programs that are intelligently designed to get results. Part strategy, another part spiritual, and wholly transformational.
Our team is seeking an experienced Studio Assistant with a CAN DO attitude and a desire to be of service to the community. The ideal candidates possess a strong work ethic with excellent communication and organizational skills.

You are a committed team player with highly developed problem-solving skills and a high vibe in customer service and client care. You are tech savvy and have previous administrative and managerial experience. You are self-motivated, detail oriented, follow-through like a boss, and learn quickly.

We are seeking someone with an outgoing personality with the following qualifications:

Undergraduate degree in a related field 

Proficient in MindBody software & Mac operating system

Background in health & fitness for at least two years

Experience with memberships sales in a health & fitness setting 

Exude exceptional communication skills (in person & by phone)

Experience with yoga and/or a desire to develop a consistent practice

If you have not used any of these systems, please indicate on your application.

To apply for this position:
1. Complete the APPLICATION
2. Email tia@yogarichmond.com with your cover letter and resume
3. Include your personality quiz results in your application: https://www.16personalities.com/ free-personality-test
Application deadline: June 20, 2021

Should you be successful, you will be asked to complete a relevant task before moving on to the final round/ interview stage. Applications that do not follow these requests will be immediately discarded.
Name *
First and last name
Address *
Phone number *
Email *
What times are you available? *Must have weeknight & weekend availability
1-4 pm
Do you have any vacation time planned in the next 6-months? Please list all dates: *
Describe your work ethic in 3 words: *
Please describe your customer service, sales, receptionist, computer/secretarial, marketing skills and other related experiences that you can offer: *
What can you contribute to our business and community? *
Why do you feel your background lends itself to being a stellar addition to the Yoga Source administrative team? *
What responsibilities of this job appeals the most to you? the least?
Explain a strategy to create barriers to competitive entry and barriers to customer exits?
Explain one team building exercise and/or event that you would facilitate for the Yoga Source staff.
How do you define a target audience? In your opinion, who do you feel is the target audience of Yoga Source?
With the goal to increase class attendance and number of memberships, how would you engage in marketing strategies and PR activities to raise awareness about our membership program and class offerings? *
Please tell us about your background in yoga, meditation, healing arts or any other spiritual practices you’ve studied or are currently practicing: *
What are your short term goals? Where do you see yourself in 3 years? *
List one Yoga Source class you plan to attend within 2 weeks from receipt of this application. (Class, Date, Time, Teacher) *
Please complete the personality quiz: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test & include your results below. *
Please provide two professional references. One reference must be from a current or previous employer. List name, relationship, and phone number. *
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