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Are you an event staff expert, an Event 360 fan, or someone looking to get their foot in the door with the most fun, hard-working, badass event professionals in the business? Do you want to work with extraordinary people, exceptional clients and excellent causes? We're building a list of anyone and everyone who could help us staff events in all sorts of roles, in 2023 and beyond. We have an exciting roster of events and need your help, whether for a day or a week. Let us know your interest below and we'll be in touch.

Please note: Answers to questions do not guarantee or exclude you from being hired; they will just help us find the best role for you.
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Some of the roles we will be filling are Event Manager/Site Lead roles. If you have experience fulfilling this type of role, please briefly describe below.
If you do not have experience as an Event Manager/Site Lead, do you feel that you have the skills and comfort level to be in this type of role? Please elaborate below. 
Travel Information
All information provided is kept confidential. Along with your contact information that is listed above, your date of birth and home airport is needed to book travel if a flight is required.
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On some events, we will need someone to drive a box truck. Is this something you are comfortable with? *
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Any travel notes (i.e. I live over an hour from the airport so a 6am flight is a challenge, I need to return to X city for my next gig, etc.)
If we schedule you to an event that that is in your local area, would you want to stay at a hotel near the site, and if so, how many nights? (For this example we'll say Friday is set-up day and Saturday is event day)
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Staff Shirts
All event staff will receive an Event Staff t-shirt. Please provide your size below.
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Submitting this form indicates your general interest in working on an event. We will have a variety of events, time commitments and roles available. 
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