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MOXsonic (March 5-7, 2020) is three days of concerts, research presentations, workshops, installations, and conversations. Our goal is that academic and independent artists and groups, music/sonic technologists, and more will gather for an exploration of sonic possibilities.

We welcome a wide variety of applications and believe that a diversity of voices, perspectives, gender, genre, age, and identity will make for a positive and strong event. Make no presumptions as to what projects we will select: surprise us with your submission.

MOXsonic focuses on programming events with experimental music involving live performance with interactive technologies. Improvisers, composer/performers, and teams of composers and performers are especially welcome: as are performers who would like to present new or recent works. MOXsonic is interested in a variety of musics, installations, and research presentations. In addition to our daytime activities, there is a nightlife component where musicians can stretch out and explore longer forms while other participants socialize.

We have added THREE new events this year!

1) Thursday night, live coding concert: 20-30 minute sets, the first half of the evening: experimental and ambient; the second half of the evening: algorave!

2) Five minute lightning video research presentations. Following the “Enlighten us, but make it quick!” format. This is intended to be an opportunity to present your scholarly, technological, creative research to many people over the weekend. There will be a formal viewing of all videos followed by q and a, and then the videos will be accessible in a viewing room for the remainder of the event. All that you need to submit at this time is an abstract, videos will need to be completed two weeks in advance of the festival.

3) A collective improvisation with mobile devices…in a cave! Open to 50 people at a time. No pre-registration, but this will be amazing.

Individual and group submissions are expected to be mostly self-contained: we supply the space(s), technical crew, the organization, the community, and PR. Participants supply all else: i.e., people who do it all themselves or people who propose teams and collaborative efforts.

For the current MOXsonic adventure, we are unfortunately unable to provide travel funding or honoraria, but we guarantee that a good time will be had by all. We are happy to help with language and/or letters of commitment for grant applications to support your participation. A list of what we are able to supply—along with details of our performance and installation spaces—is available at

There are no application fees, no registration fees, and there will be no ticket fees for all events.

You are welcome to submit proposals in multiple categories, but please, only one submission per category.

Each submission must be on a separate form.

Deadline EXTENDED, Monday, November 4, 2019, midnight CST
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