2019 Gillette Edge 3v3 League Registration
Note: All players under 18 years old must have a signed parent release to play (18 & over must sign their own release). Releases may be signed at 3v3 fields on game night or printed off the Gillette Edge website --http://www.gilletteedge.com/clubsite/?p=13646 and brought to the 3v3 games. Some teams may be coed and games may be boys vs girls. Please contact Jody at wystumbaugh@outlook.com with questions. Games will be Tuesday and Thursday nights in June at Thunder Basin High School grass soccer fields.
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You can register one age group up, but can not register down an age group. u8 is for players born in 2011-2013, u10 if for players born in 2009-2010, u12 is for players born in 2007-2008, u14 is for players born 2005-2006. High school is for 2004 and older. We will try and separate adult and high school divisions this season if there is enough interest.
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