Realtor Survey on Pre-Approvals
Questions on recent pre-approved loan experiences affecting your business.  10 questions est. time: < 5 minutes  Thank You!  (in advance)
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Recalling all your offers to purchase contracts for the past twelve months, whether you wrote or read them, whether accepted or rejected; how many of these involved mortgage financing? *
Of offers involving mortgage financing, do you think it is part of your responsibility as a real estate agent to check on the processing progress of the loan approval? *
Do you think your clients feel it is your responsibility?     *
Were you ever employed in a capacity as a banker, underwriter, or loan originator in your professional past? *
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How do you track transaction progress?   *
During the time between the day the offer is accepted and the day of closing, what do you do to verify financing? Check all that apply. *
When acting as a listing agent and presenting an offer to the seller, how often is your opinion of the lender’s abilities to finish processing and close on the buyer’s pre-approval considered by the seller? *
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Less than a year ago, Campbell & Inside Mortgage Finance reported: Fannie & Freddie Mac loans closed on-time 68% of the time whereas  32% did not close on time.  We believe origination, processing, underwriting, and funding has improved.  What is your impression?   What percentage of your signed contracts got delayed due to financing when comparing the originally agreed closing date to the actual closing date?  [Dropdown options below graphic] *
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What is still an unknown is how often a signed contract fails to close due to problems with financing?  What do you think a mortgage pre-approval letter is worth?  Give us your short answer text below.
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For each of the following types of mortgage providers, based on your experience please select  the approximate percent of pre-approval letters that turn out to be faulty or invalid because home-buyer income, credit, assets, or other factors were not appropriately verified:  (If no experience with a category, please leave blank.)
Applications= may control only taking of app. Correspondent = control app, processing, underwriting, funding & servicing.
Over-all percent of failure
Credit union:
Internet lender:
Local bank:
Mortgage broker (applications for multiple lenders):
Mortgage banker (correspondent for multiple lenders)
National lender
 If a LoanCheck report with “confidence to close scores” were available to your selling or buying clients throughout the transaction process, as a listing agent – would you give the option to obtain such a report? *
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Name  (all ID data is stays private) *
Real Estate Brokerage *
Email (so we can report back results and progress in development) *
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