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Planning is underway for Leveraging Learning: iPad in the Elementary Classroom 2020 taking place on November 12 & 13, 2020 at the Hilton Garden Inn Riverwatch in Auburn, Maine. 

This year's theme, Reshaping Learning from Rote to Relevant, invites presenters to showcase ways in which they use iPad authentically with students.

The LL2020 Planning Committee continues to believe that some of the best thinking and learning goes on when learners are given the opportunity to create evidence. In the act of creating that evidence learners naturally think more deeply about what they are learning and what they have learned.

This year’s sessions will be designed around effective models of iPad use in the elementary classroom. This means sessions will all provide clear, replicable ways that participants can grow their effective use of iPad in their classrooms. 

Sessions will explain why the apps featured are being used as well as workflows and pedagogical components of the model of use so that participants will leave each session ready to put the model to use in their setting. 

Sessions are built around a clear model of using iPads in the classroom to improve student achievement. As a result, each session will:

• begin by discussing why the model being shared in the session is of value to learners and teachers in an elementary classroom (Common Classroom Challenge)
• clearly describe the process - how the model works in a real classroom, identifying apps used and the workflows for both learners and teachers (Presenter's Process)
•describe the results the presenter has seen as a result of leveraging this model in a real classroom with real students and a real teacher
•provide opportunities for practicing the model (Getting to Work)
•provide time for questions and answers.

Please consider submitting a proposed session by completing the information requested below. If there are questions regarding your proposal or the design, please send an email to: levlearn@auburnschl.edu

Submissions will be accepted through April 24, 2020.

If a proposed session is accepted, one full registration to LL2020 will be provided for the lead presenter.

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