PART #1 OF 2021-2022 SCHS ASB APPLICATION [Spring '21]
Before applying to join the Steele Canyon High School Associated Student Body (SCHS ASB), please be aware of the following:

-You must notify your parent/guardian of your interest in joining ASB.

-Enrolling in the ASB class may not fit into your Steele Canyon class schedule since it is only available during 3rd block. Please contact your Steele Canyon Guidance Counselor and/or your Academic Advisor BEFORE applying for ASB to make sure it will fit in your schedule.

-A significant amount of time outside of class (up to 20+ hours per quarter) is required of ALL ASB students.

-Students will need to make the scheduling and transportation arrangements necessary to fulfill all required and volunteer ASB obligations (this includes ticket sales, events that ASB is hosting, merchandise sales, etc).

-Participation in activities, both before, during, and after school make up the predominate portion of the class grade.

-All ASB students are held to the highest standards of conduct and required to model leadership and school spirit for the entire student body, both on and off campus, as well as on all forms of media.

If you are not able to meet or exceed these expectations, please reconsider your decision to apply.

-All portions of the SCHS ASB Incoming Freshman application are due on Sunday, May 9.

Please contact Mrs. Serban if you have any questions regarding this application at
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