Personal Finance Coach - A workshop to take control of your money
Personal Finance Coach Workshop is a simple system that you could follow to take control of your money and personal finance. Once finished, you will feel confident dealing with money matters and most of all; you'll know exactly what to do with your money!

What you will learn
Psychology of money - 80% is all about your psychology and habits
Automating your money – Simple system that tells you exactly what to do with your money
How to create an emergency fund - No more sudden heart attacks!
Simple investing - Why and how you should invest your money
How to eliminate your debt - No more unwanted debts

Who should attend this workshop?
Anyone who has no idea what to do with your money!

How long is the workshop?
It's a 2 Hour session with Q&A

How many participants?
15 only (We want to make it an interactive session!)

When and Where?
We will inform you soon.

Who is your coach?
Nishan De Silva (Founder of and
Nishan has been struggling with money for a long time. He was frustrated. He was overwhelmed. He felt like a failure because he didn't know how to manage money. Then he made a decision to educate himself about personal finance. He read multiple books, blogs and tried basically everything out there. He came across a simple system that made his life stress free. That’s what you will learn in this workshop.

How much?
Value is Rs.2000

100% Money-back Guarantee
If you're not happy after the workshop, let us know and we will refund your money. No questions asked!

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