Builders! Tell Us...How Did Your Build Get Here?
Now that we've all got our builds on the playa, it's time to tell did you bring the parts of your build to the playa? Inquiring minds want to know! While staying within the framework of the Ten Principles ( ) and Playa Aesthetics ( ), give us the best you've got! Your wildest, most outrageous tall tale of how you transported all the parts of your build to the playa - EVERYTHING - and set them out on your plot. But try to keep it "somewhat" realistic. Kinda. Sorta. Be creative! Or, be totally realistic about it.

The teller of the tallest craziest most outrageous tale, while still staying within the above described framework - will win the Most Outrageous Yarner Gift! Deadline to submit, 8:00pm SLT, Thursday 18th October at Center Camp.

Tell us about it! How did that fab build of yours get to the playa?
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