Register for GoodFestival 5th Edition, from 2nd November 2018, The Olympic Museum, Lausanne
Your project aims at building a better world by addressing the root causes of poverty or climate change. It does not matter where you are for profit or non-profit; a startup or an established company; young or experienced. The only thing that matters is that you care about all humans and the environment.

GoodFestival is a "by invitation only" event. The organizers reserve all rights including the option to change offer scope, booking process, event dates and venue due to unforeseen circumstances. And if you have any urgent questions, please contact us:

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All Innovators - Entrepreneurs, Filmmakers, Students, Researchers & Musicians - can potentially win the PremaGyan Good100 Medal or you can choose to be a Keynote speaker, a Volunteer or even Co-produce an event with GoodFestival.
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