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GoodFestival, the world's biggest celebration of sustainable innovation, was conceptualized at the Swissnex / Swiss Consulate in October 2014 thanks to support from the Commission for Technology & Innovation (CTI), a Government of Switzerland Federal Agency, Vaud SPECo and later City of Lausanne. Since the launch of GoodFestival in 25th of October 2016 and now - we have delivered 13 days of events / 160+ hours of programming to 1,000s of Innovators together with speakers from the WorldBank Group, UN Global Compact, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, digital switzerland, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Swiss Global Enterprise and 70+ other organizations / over three different editions:

: GoodFestival 1st Edition, 25-29 October 2016
: GoodFestival 2nd Edition, 20-22 April 2017
: GoodFestival 3rd Edition, 17-21 October 2017

GoodFestival is for Sustainable and Social Innovators who are building organizations that are good for the world. Businesses or NGOs that respect people and nature. Business leaders, Tech entrepreneurs, Artists and Artisans who are inspiring, who are taking the road where struggle is guaranteed but the reward is an uplifted society, with empowered women, safer families, cleaner energy, vibrant startups and thriving communities of artists.

When you fill out this form, a GoodFestival Team member will contact you and ask some questions and offer you various options to participate at the GoodFestival 4th Edition, 26-29th April 2018.

GoodFestival is a "by invitation only" event. The organizers reserve all rights including the option to change offer scope, booking process and event dates due to unforeseen circumstances. And if you have any urgent questions, please contact us:

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