Game Night
This event will occur from 6-8 in the masjid. They will be having a dars about learning The Power of Allah(SWT). There will a game night activity at the end of the event.  For your kids to attend, this form must be completed. Event is for ages 8-10 years old. You must accompany your child to the registration table as well.
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I understand that I MUST accompany my child to the registration table. *
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I understand that after dropping off my child I will not stay , but I may for any reason stay in another area of the masjid if I am more comfortable doing so. *
Do you agree to pick your child up by 8:00 pm? *
Do you agree to drop off the kids with proper prayer clothes and wudu? *

I acknowledge that by signing this and filling this form out that if anything happens to my child during any masjid event (as a result of my child’s misbehavior), that it is not the responsibility of YMI nor ICCI. I also acknowledge that I will be added to a Whatsapp group for constant updates.

Failure to sign this means that your child can not attend any youth event until this wavier has been signed. 

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