Call for Entries! Día de los Muertos Community Ofrenda Exhibit 2019
Each year the National Hispanic Cultural Center works with schools and community organizations to host an exhibit of ofrendas (altars) in celebration of Día de los Muertos

Use this form to register your group or school, as participants in the NHCC Ofrenda (altar) exhibit.

Ofrendas will be placed in the Domenici Education Building and the Roy E. Disney Performing Arts Center and the performing arts building.

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 (you will be notified by email if your submission is approved)

Installation dates are Tuesday, October 15 - Saturday, October 19, 2019

The exhibit runs October 21 - November 8, 2019 (Take down Saturday November 9 - 15th)

Due to limited availability, the NHCC cannot accommodate all requests for tables. Please plan to provide your own tables, boxes or structure for your altar, and additional desired supplies. The NHCC reserves the right to review all submissions to ensure their alignment with the NHCC mission.

If you are unable to create an ofrenda, the NHCC has a community ofrenda that you are welcome to contribute items in remembrance of your loved ones. Keep in mind we are not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen. Please do not bring irreplaceable photographs or items. We encourage photo copies.

Questions? Please call or email Elena @ 505-383-4734
This year we are working with 516 arts and are asking for a select number of submissions to be dedicated to the "Species in Peril" along the Rio Grande.
I can provide you with a list of plants and animals that are extinct or facing extinction along the Rio Grande. For information on the exhibit at 516 Arts and programming
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Are you interested in creating an ofrenda at NHCC with the "Species in Peril" theme?
How much space do you need? (Each group will be given approximately the width of a 6ft folding table, unless otherwise noted.) If you are requesting a table please state that here. We are unable to meet all requests, but will try our best. Anything else we should know?
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If you are unable to create an altar but would like to contribute (photos, hand made items other remembrances etc.) to our community ofrenda answer below.
Thank you!
Species in Peril in the Rio Grande Watershed
Species in Peril in the Rio Grande Watershed

Diminutive amphipod
Noel's amphipod
Pecos amphipod
Mexican long-nosed bat
Mexican blindcat
Uncompahgre fritillary butterfly
Western yellow-billed cuckoo
Bald eagle (delisted)
Northern aplomado falcon
Peregrine falcon (delisted)
Black-footed ferret
Southwestern willow flycatcher
Big Bend gambusia
Pecos gambusia
Texas hornshell
Socorro isopod (or Socorro sowbug)
Gulf Coast jaguarundi
Red knot
Canada lynx
Devils River minnow
Rio Grande silvery minnow
New Mexico meadow jumping mouse
Preble's meadow jumping mouse
Mexican spotted owl
Piping plover
Comanche Springs pupfish
Leon Springs pupfish
Jemez Mountains salamander
Pecos bluntnose shiner
Pecos assiminea snail
Alamosa springsnail
Chupadera springsnail
Koster's springsnail
Phantom springsnail
Roswell springsnail
Socorro springsnail
Least tern
Greenback cutthroat trout
Diamond tryonia
Gonzales tryonia
Phantom tryonia (or Cheatum’s snail)
Golden-cheeked warbler
Gray wolf
Mexican gray wolf
Texas ayenia
Zapata bladderpod
Kuenzler hedgehog cactus
Lee pincushion cactus
Lloyd's mariposa cactus
Bunched cory cactus
Nellie cory cactus
Sneed pincushion cactus
Star cactus
Tobusch fishhook cactus
Terlingua Creek cat's-eye
Ashy dogweed
Guadalupe fescue
Zuni fleabane
Holy Ghost ipomopsis
Walker's manioc
Hinckley oak
Todsen's pennyroyal
Davis' green pitaya
Little Aguja pondweed
Sacramento prickly poppy
Texas snowbells
Pecos sunflower
Sacramento Mountains thistle
Gypsum wild-buckwheat

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