Cascadia PHP CoC request form
Please use this form to anonymously (or not) request mediation in relation to the Cascadia PHP CoC:

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Please identify yourself if you feel comfortable doing so
Providing contact information will help us to follow up and make sure that any issue is handled fully. We will never disclose who reported a violation to any third parties.
Describe what happened, or what you'd like help with *
Please provide as much detail as you can! More detail helps us understand the issue and respond fairly and quickly.
What would you consider an appropriate response to this?
Feel free to not answer this question, we're hoping to get a complete understanding of the situation by understanding what your expectations are for resolution.
Thank you for contacting us!
Making sure that we provide a safe environment to report and handle violations of the CoC is hugely important to us. We want Cascadia PHP to represent the Pacific Northwest accurately, and bad actors have no place in our community.

We appreciate your time, and hope that you will be satisfied with our response.
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