MTHS Parent/Guardian Climate Survey
Please complete this anonymous survey to help the school better understand your perception of the school climate and culture. We ask that you respond to each item based on your own experiences.
I feel welcome in my child’s school.
I know how my child is doing in school before I get my child's report card.
I regularly access PowerSchool.
I understand the school rules.
My child is involved in extracurricular activities.
My child is learning what he or she needs to know to succeed after graduating from high school.
My child's teachers communicate with me as frequently as needed.
Discipline at MTHS is consistent.
My child has a close relationship with at least one adult at the school.
My child has access to extra help outside the classroom when he/she needs it.
I am satisfied with the technology and other instructional resources available to my child.
I am satisfied with the response I get when I contact my child’s school with questions orconcerns.
My child has been a victim of bullying at this school during this school year.
MTHS is clean and well maintained.
The school communicates well with me.
MTHS is a safe place for my child.
MTHS provides useful information to help students transition to college and/or careers after high school.
MTHS offers a wide variety of opportunities for parental involvement.
The amount of homework my child receives is appropriate for his or her level.
My child is challenged to meet high expectations at MTHS.
I am knowledgeable about the MTHS Academies.
My child is able to enroll in the courses they request during scheduling.
I stay informed about what is happening at MTHS by checking the
Overall, I am satisfied with my child’s education at this school.
Please use the space below to elaborate any of your answers or communicate ways to improve our school culture and climate.
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