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You can use this form to ask us to add a bot that you made or you like. You can also create a pull request directly at -- if pull requests are your thing!

Note that all submissions need to be manually reviewed, which can take some time.

Any questions? Reach out to or! Also, if you're submitting your own bot, check out :-)

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Note: Botwiki primarily focuses on creative online bots. For commercial bots, you might want to consider some of the online directories listed at

So, who made this bot?
So we can credit them as an author. It can also be their username. If multiple people worked on this bot, pick one and mention the rest in the description below.
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What's the author's Twitter URL?
Again, so that we can properly credit them. Not on Twitter? Try their GitHub page, personal website or a blog. Multiple authors? Same as above!
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What network does the bot operate on?
This one should be fairly straightforward.
Where can I see this bot?
URL, please! (If this is, for example, a Snapchat bot, just use the username.)
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Is the bot active or inactive?
For example, if it's a Twitter bot, is it still tweeting? If this is a Slack bot and it's possible to download the source code, then it's Active.
Is this bot interactive?
Can I tweet/talk/interact with it and get a response based on what I said? (Skip if No.)
Tell me a bit about this bot, what does it do?
Include links to author's blog, other websites that talk about it, etc. (Feel free to use Markdown to format your links.)
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A short tagline
It appears in the search results
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If the bot is open source, where can we find the source code?
Link to its GitHub page, please
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If the bot is open source, what language was used to write it? (Or just leave blank.)
You can add multiple languages, if necessary.
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Finally, add as many relevant (comma-separated) tags as possible.
For example images, gif, emoji, cheapbotsdonequick, space, poetry, everyword, political, non-english, etc. (See for all existing tags.) There is no need to add tags that can be deduced based on the questions above (for example #twitterbot, #bot, or #opensource).
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