Host a Song Circle w/Alexandra "Ahlay" Blakely
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If this is a one off event... Ahlay lives in Seattle, WA. If you are not within 4-6 hours of driving from Seattle, are you offering travel expenses to be covered (i.e. plane ticket, etc) in your invite? (unless Ahlay is already touring through your area, this will be the most likely way to have her singing with your community, please consider this as a part of your invitation) - another way to make this more plausible is to ensure 2-3 song circles during her visit (although one can be suffice). Please let us know what you are thinking and type N/A otherwise.  *
I would like to host Ahlay for a song circle on (date[s])... *
I feel confident to bring 30+ people to this song circle. How many people do you presume will come? Please tell us more about your community, your reach and/or experience organizing community? *
Ahlay asks for a donation of $22-66 per person (no one turned away for lack of funds) for song circle. Does this work for your community?  *
Where is the venue you are envisioning? i.e. house/theatre/public park
Ahlay asks for 30 minutes to 60 minutes of arrival time for the participants and then she holds a solid 2 hour song container. i.e. 
arrival time 5:30-6pm
song container 6-8pm
Do you plan on obtaining any fees for this event? i.e. venue rental, etc. Or will all donations be forwarded to Ahlay? *
How do you plan to promote this event? Eventbrite? Facebook? Word of Mouth? etc.  *
Are you able to offer a bedroom for Ahlay to sleep in the night of the song circle and perhaps the night before and/or after? Please explain.  *
Are you open to picking up Ahlay at the nearest train station or airport if she is not traveling by car? *
Would you like to be provided with digital promotion? i.e. a fb banner and/or flier for the event, images of ahlay? *
Any particular covid protocols for hosting this event or for housing accommodations we should know about? *
Anything else we didn't ask already that you want us to know?
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