Third grade
These are questions that will assess your knowledge of digital literacy. You are not expected to know all the answers at the beginning of the year. You ARE expected to do your best and answer each question.
What is your first and last name? *
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Which of these is the best example of a password? *
Things you post online, like a selfie, can affect your identity. *
Anyone can put anything they want on the internet. *
Which of these websites is trying to sell you something? *
What is one trick websites use to get you to buy their products? *
It's important to know about digitally altered photos and videos because: *
How can you show respect to others? *
Read the following sentence from an email: "RETURN MY BOOK NOW!!!" How can you write this in a more respectful way? *
Which is a good example of an email greeting? *
Which is the best subject line for an email about basketball practice? *
Your school Google email can be used to *
Your friend keeps getting nasty emails from a classmate. The emails say that your friend is going to get beat up. This is an example of cyberbullying. *
When you visit a website that is trying to sell you something, the URL will end with *
You should tell your password to *
You are interested in learning how to bake cakes. Which pair of keywords would be best to use in a search? *
You may visit any website when you use the computers in the Media Center. *
When someone you don't know sends you an email, you should *
How can you show respect to others when online? *
Which words would finish this sentence correctly? Today we went to a website to learn about bats for our research project. When I use the information, it is important to_______________________. *
Which of these statements is NOT appropriate use of technology? *
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