Birka 2019 Application Form
This is the application form for Birka 30, taking place in late January 2019 in Manchester NH. Please take note that you must fill out a new application each year.

Also keep in mind that we must make our jurying selection based on information that you provide us. If you opt not to give us links to photos that show your wares, we have less information to go on.

This form provides us with the information we need to reach you. For the purposes of this form and this event, we must require that you select one Primary Merchant Contact.

Business Name: *
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Primary Merchant Contact (Mundane Name): Please select ONE person to act as primary merchant contact. *
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Primary Merchant SCA Name:
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Phone number: *
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What time is best to call you? *
Primary Merchant Contact EMAIL address: *
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Business Website, Etsy, links to photos, or Facebook page: *
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Merchants may take a maximum of 5 spaces per business. Each space/table costs $20 to the merchant via invoice before the event. Please let us know how many you would like. Note: A space is defined as one vendor area containing a table or left open for your racks and displays. There is no discount for bringing your own tables. We pay for the space regardless. *
How many tables will you need in those spaces? Note: Number of tables cannot exceed number of spaces. *
How many chairs will you need in your space? *
Will your booth require electricity? This costs an additional $75. The site charges that fee, not the event. *
Are you able to take fewer spaces/tables if it means getting into the event? *
If you are willing to take fewer spaces/tables, what is your absolute minimum required to make your booth function?
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Would you prefer the same spaces you had last year? *
Are you amenable to vending in the armory? Armory merchants will get spaces in the Expo when some merchants leave on Sunday, so there will be hours both days. *
Please give a brief description of your wares. Note that this, and your website, are the two greatest determining factors in our jurying process. Glib, flippant, or nondescript responses in this section probably will not help that process. *
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Which of these categories would you like your wares listed as in the merchant book? You may select up to three. If there are more, we will pick. *
If you had to pick one primary category from the above, what would it be? *
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Do you have any special requests? (Allergies, bathroom proximity, other concerns.)
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