The Quest for the Golden Arrow Sign Up
This form is for youth to sign up for Golden Arrow events at Dixie. Each competition will have a description of the number of people allowed on each team. Please choose your primary choice and second choice. SIGNUP IS FIRST to COME FIRST SERVE

Chariot Race (4 man team)- The goal of this event is to lash poles into a triangle only using one shear lashing and 2 square lashings. You will carry one member in the triangle for 40 yards. Fastest time wins.

Fire Building (4 to 7 man team)- Burn through 2 pieces of rope in the fastest time.

Knot-Tying Relay (7 man team)- tie different knots in the fastest time.

Tent Pitching (2 man team)- Put up a tent a fast and accurate as possible (supplied).

Archery (1 contestant): Shoot at the target to get the most points. UPDATE: ARCHERY IS FILLED.

Arrow/Softball Throw (2 man team)- Throw the arrow or softball as far as possible.

Cross Country (3 man team)

Rope Throw (1 contestant)- Throw a rope over a high bar and tie a timber hitch to a log. UPDATE: ROPE THROW IS FILLED

War Canoe (2 man team)- Race back and forth individually to get the fastest time.

Egg Toss (2 man team)- catch and toss the egg without breaking it over increasing distance.

Tug of War (6 man team)- compete against other teams and try to prove who is the stronger lodge.

Ultimate frisbee (15 man team)

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