Quasar 2020 Visions: Livestream Sessions Application
Please complete the form below to apply to be part of the Quasar 2020 Visions: Livestream Sessions. During the next few weeks, we are all going to need new stimuli to keep us sane and healthy. It is our objective at Quasar to leverage our talented community to spread light and hope during these difficult times, as well as [hopefully] provide a revenue stream for those of you now out of work until the economy sorts itself out.

We are looking for any session proposals that you think would fit well with our community, our goals, and what people need right now. Below is a list of different types of sessions we know we want to create programming around, but feel free to suggest your own ('Other') if any of those categories don't apply.

Instructors assume all risk and liability of teaching these skills. Please be sure not to provide any medical information or recommendations unless you are a qualified healthcare professional and it doesn't contradict any WHO or CDC recommendations.
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For the foreseeable future, we will only be doing programming on Sundays and Wednesdays, but we may add in more days as demand justifies.
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7 pm ET - 10 pm ET
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Proposed Sessions
These should be related to any of the above topics that you selected.
• For education, meditation, fitness or flow: Title, Prior knowledge needed (if any), Length (time you need), a 2-3 sentence description, and anything else you think relevant.
• For music, VJ, or live art: Describe what you'd like to do, how long you need, and include examples if possible.
• For other: Title, other details relevant similar to what's asked above ^^
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Requested compensation
For a COVID Livestream event, we'd be relying on donations until we brought in sponsorships, so any compensation is hard to confirm at this time. If specific compensation is required, we will wait to engage until we have sponsors.
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Do you have broadband internet access with a high quality webcam to stream from? *
In essence, do you have everything needed to actually present a live stream workshop?
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