Thoroughbred 2018
Thoroughbred is a mixed team based out of St. Louis that has been competing at high level USAU club tournaments since 2012. After having our best finish as a team in 2017, we are looking to make 2018 even better through hard work, a focus on gender equity, and horse puns. With a solid reputation and no shortage of horse-power, we look to continue to build our program with an eye towards Club Nationals.

By now, I'm sure you're saddled with excitement! Please fill this out if you are interested in ponying up with us in 2018. Our tryout schedule is listed below. We know people may have conflicts or questions, though, so please don't hesitate to contact us at

Our open tryout will be part of the 1st ever STL Combine with Chalice, Castle, Filthy Gorgeous, and Stellar!

Just hoof it over to Brentwood Park Fields:
Saturday April 21 12-4pm &
Sunday April 22 10-2pm

Open Scrimmage
April 29 Location/Time TBD

Invite Only:
May 12-13

Check out our website at and our twitter @tb_ultimate for more updates on tryout logistics. We will also send follow up emails as we get closer to the dates. (

Quit stalling and answer the questions below!

Tickles turns 3 this year! What a Stud!
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Tell us a little about your thoughts on Spirit of the Game, Team Culture, Gender Equity, and what you're looking for in a team. What will you bring to Thoroughbred?
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On to the mane event! How interested are you in playing TB this year?
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Whisper sweet nothing's in the captain's ears or tell us a horse joke! Or anything else you need us to know.
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