Petition to Drop all Charges for Isa Bey, Nedir Bey, Yakub Bey, Majied Jaleel Bey, and Ciazonne Foster. #DropTheCharges
On Saturday, July 8th 2017, Merced Police officers arrested Isa Bey, Nedir Bey, Yakub Bey, Majied Jaleel Bey, and Ciazonne Foster at the Chandelier's Hookah Lounge in Merced, California and charged them with assault and battery on police officers and for resisting arrest. These five young unarmed Black men are thriving and contributing members of their community.

Isa Bey - a UC Merced Mechanical Engineering Student , former Black Student Union Vice President, and current Student Body Associate Justice.

Nedir Bey - a Laney College Student, Electrical Engineering major, full-time electrician and project manager.

Ciazonne Foster - a student at Diablo Valley College and a full-time valet worker.

Yakub Bey - a student at Merrit College and a published author.

Majied Bey - a student at Bethany College in West Virginia, business major, an accounting minor, a treasurer for the Black Student Union and a dual sport athlete.

These arrests were the result of Merced Police officers' unlawful intrusion into a drug-free, alcohol-free private event held at Chandelier's Hookah Lounge. The attendees, majority of whom were Black UC Merced students, were unarmed as well. Merced Police officers committed acts of police brutality against the attendees by punching them, threatening to taser and shoot students, and even using an anti-riot assault weapon against students without any regard for their safety, security, and well-being. First hand accounts of attendees illustrate that Merced police officers gave no prior warning nor instructions before they deployed their mass assault. In fact, even when these young men were completely restrained police video evidence shows a Merced police officer punching one individual, Isa Bey, in the neck while another officer is pressing his knee into his back while Isa was restrained on the ground.

The aggressive actions of the Merced Police Department cannot go unchallenged. These police officers must be held accountable for their actions. The anti-black gang mentality these police officers demonstrated are only leading to the criminalization and incarceration of young Black people. We as a community cannot accept this injustice against young unarmed Black men and women. That is why we are asking for your support to demand that the Merced Police Department and Merced County District Attorney's Office immediately dismiss all charges against Isa Bey, Nedir Bey, Yakub Bey, Majied Jaleel Bey, and Ciazonne Foster.

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