AAF-BR Government Relations Survey
Thank you for your valuable input. It will help us focus our efforts on the issues that are most pressing to our club and our state.
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Are you a part of any organizations that share a similar interest like the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters or Louisiana Press Association?
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What are the regulatory challenges facing your business?
What would be the most impactful thing the government could do to help your business?
If AAF-BR were presenting to legislators on your behalf, what is the most important message we could push forward about our industry?
Advertising is a springboard for new products and services, eases new businesses into the marketplace, fosters competition, funds the media, funds minority points of view and stimulates sales. Please summarize any instances where your company has proven these points true. (include facts and figures if you have them, or attach any case studies you have on hand below)
Attach any case studies or files.
How likely would you attend a local "day on the hill" to educate you on the impact our industry has on the economy and add your voice to the conversation?
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