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Thank you for your interest in volunteering, interning or collaborating with Catalytic Communities / RioOnWatch! Please fill in the form below and email us a naked writing sample (unedited by others) and CV to volunteer@catcomm.org so we can schedule a Skype meeting.

*Volunteer engagement varies depending on the skill set and time availability of volunteers in relation to our organizational need at the time, and is established task-by-task. Volunteers are asked to provide support on an ad hoc basis based on a specific applied skill (e.g. translation, graphic design, video production, photography, accounting, law).

*Internships, however, involve full immersion in our team, attendance at weekly staff meetings as an active part of our staff, and normally require Portuguese proficiency, strong writing skills and a minimum 3-month commitment at 20 hours/week. Exceptions are only made for specific skills which can be well applied without Portuguese or a significant timeframe. When in doubt, reach out!

We now organize unpaid internships around the following categories...

Tier 1 Internships (Rio-based research and writing-based internships focused on the intern's main thematic interest)
1. RioOnWatch reporting (events, thematic, profiles) - 9 internships available
2. Sustainable Favela Network (profiles, documentation, community outreach, mapping, training) - 2 internships available

Tier 2 Internships (Rio-based or virtual internships that offer potential to turn into staff roles following initial internship) - 5 internships available, one in each area:
1. Editor / Research Facilitation
2. Social Media / Communications
3. Development / Grant-Writing
4. Trainings / Community Contact
5. Evaluation / Model / Graphic Design / Mapping

Interns are given numerous assignments within their area of focus, and are expected to produce tangible deliverables involving documented work at least every two weeks.

*Collaborators, on the other hand, are normally Masters, PhD, or post doc level researchers who request support from CatComm in informing, orienting and otherwise supporting their research (for example, with context, case study ideas and community contacts). Collaborators are welcome to drop into any CatCom staff meetings during their time in Rio. In exchange, collaborators produce a series of popular articles for CatComm and RioOnWatch, based on the results of their research once it has been conducted. CatComm, in turn, translates this research, making it both accessible and available to the communities who participated in the study. Collaborators are also welcome to write about events attended in Rio during the course of their research, should they have the time.

No matter how you get involved, as a volunteer, intern or collaborator, working with us you will learn about community organizing, affordable housing, inclusive planning and human rights 'from the inside' in the rapidly-transforming developing city context that is Rio de Janeiro today. All interns based in Rio are given ample opportunities to visit and work with Rio's favela organizers on a weekly, often daily, basis, as their schedule permits.

Any questions, please email us at volunteer@catcomm.org. And once again, thank you for seeking us out and sharing your skills and passion on behalf of Rio's favelas. We look forward to working with you to affect urban change on behalf of Rio de Janeiro's communities, and increasingly serve as a model for inclusive integration in cities around the world.

Note 1: If you are gung ho about helping but don't meet the requirements above, do reach out and we can see what can be done.

Note 2: We do not take new interns or volunteers during the months of December or January of each year. This is because we are in the process of closing out one year and beginning the next, and there is no opportunity for new engagement at this time. New interns are welcome to apply during this period, however, to begin in February.

Note 3: We do not always respond to new internship requests on a timely basis. This is because we have three general "seasons" when we welcome new intern groups: March, May/June and September. So normally we reach out to new interns in December/January, March/April, and July/August, respectively. If awaiting contact in those months does not fit with your schedule because you are available immediately, please email us at volunteer@catcomm.org with "IMMEDIATE INTEREST INTERNSHIP" in the title. Regardless, please do register your interest. We check in on upcoming internship requests regularly. Thanks for your understanding.

-- CatComm Team

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