Westmont Community Hope Collage Sign-up Form
Please fill out the following form to participate in our Westmont Community Hope Collage project.

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I will create a visual image (art, photo, etc.) that depicts one letter of the word HOPE (H, O, P, or E). I will then take several vertical pictures of both the image as well as a selfie with me and the image, and then email those images to communications@westmont.il.gov
Select the letter that you prefer to feature in the HOPE art project.
I will create a written message of hope (essay, poem, story, etc.), ideally 100 words or less, and then email that message to communications@westmont.il.gov
The Village of Westmont has my permission to use my submission and my first name as part of the Community Hope Collage project. I understand that my submission and first name may be published on the Village Website, Village Social Media, etc. *
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