OOC Player Application Form
This is the Free Company application to join the Bandee Pakshee, a brothel and performance venue roleplay Free Company on Balmung. Please read everything carefully and only fill out the sections relevant to your application.
Our FC rules and information can be found here: https://www.bandeepakshee.com/ooc
The Bandee Pakshee is an 18+ adult only FC both IC and OOC. By clicking below, you confirm that both you and your applying character are at least 18 years of age. *
The Bandee Pakshee requires our rule set to be looked over and agreed to before application can be accepted. Please review our rules and show you agree to them by answering below: What does Bandee Pakshee mean and what is our character per person limit? *
What is your play schedule? Please list days, hours you are most likely to be active, and your timezone. *
What is your discord? Please have messages from strangers enabled so an Officer can get in touch. *
Today's date? *
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