Screamin' Acres Haunted Houses Actor Application Form
Screamin Acres is always looking for ambitious and devoted actors. Whether you are an experienced actor or always have had a great time doing skits, working at a haunted house is the best job ever! We have a happy family of staff and it continues to diversify with each year that passes. Our staff has a great time and the creativity is endless.

We pay an hourly wage, so if you want a little extra money or just the thrill of acting, it is a win-win situation. All returning actors receive a raise in pay for their loyalty. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES!!! Feel free to have friends apply with you, it is always more fun when you know someone else working!

Each year we see over a hundred applications and hire only to fill the acting rolls needed. WE WILL CONTACT YOU if we are interested in hiring. Generally, we contact all the "rookies" by mid September for our introduction meeting and training event.

Thanks for your interest in Screamin Acres Haunted Houses! Happy Hauntings!
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