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We are an open-source developer platform that's focused on building amazing web experiences and creating the future of the web. We are sourcing web codelabs authors who are going to publish amazing well curated codelabs for web. As an author, you stand an opportunity to be featured on our online content, talks and any other publication made by PWAFire.Org or any benefits that might come while in this course.

Our vision is to create one of the largest open source web codelabs directory that is focused on providing a hands on based learning guide for web developers through up to date codelabs mantained by these authors.

We want to empower you to teach others code. We want to help you get an opportunity to well document your projects.

We are happy to see that you are interested and we are looking forward to an amazing journey with you. Let's <code>LIFE</code> and <teach>CODE<teach/>

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