2018 Northwest Quilters Quilt Show Registration Form
Quilt Show Dates: Friday May 11th and Saturday, May 12th, 2018

MUST be submitted by 7:00 PM, Sunday, April 1, 2018.

• Quilt must be clean and odor/smoke free and it must be completed (no quilt tops; tied quilts will be for display only).
• Quilts must have a label identifying owner and name of quilt on the back of the quilt.
• Quilts (other than miniatures) must have a 4-inch sleeve attached for hanging purposes.
• An entry may not have been shown at the previous five (2013-2017) NWQ shows, except as requested by Show Chairperson.
• Quilters may enter up to 8 items. The quilts must be prioritized in case a limit is needed due to quantity received versus hanging space available. Northwest Quilters’ members have priority.
• Quilts will be hung at the discretion of Northwest Quilters.
• Maximum width is 120 inches.
• Quilts may be re-categorized at the discretion of the Registrar according to the guidelines.
• The NWQ show is an exhibition and not a place for soliciting business, except by contract in the merchant area. This year, owners may offer their quilts for sale through the quilt show. A 25% commission will be collected at the time of the sale.
• Registration Form and a Photograph must be received no later than April 1, 2018.

ENTRANT (person entering the quilt):
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Street Address or P.O. Box: *
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Year Quilt Completed: Select one of the options from the drop down menu: *
Other: If made before 1996 indicate year or if you prefer indicate a range of years (ie 1890-1900) or unknown.
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DEPOT INFORMATION: Depot Chair: Maureen Orr Eldred (503-646-5970 or 503-706-5064) moequilts2@comcast.net.
DELIVERY: April 27 - May 6, 2018. Please call depot prior to delivery.
PICKUP: May 13 - 18, 2018. Please call depot prior to pick-up.

Due to insurance requirements, the quilt owner and the depot person must inspect each quilt together at the time the quilt is delivered to the depot. Depots may have some small-ish cloth bags in which to package quilts for transport to and from the show. Large quilts will not fit inside these bags. You may choose to package your quilt in an old pillowcase with your name and phone number clearly marked in black permanent ink; this pillowcase will be returned to you. Otherwise, depots will use large, clean plastic bags to package and transport quilts.

A BEAVERTON: Jo Walcott (503.646.4483), 2220 SW Winchester Place, Portland, OR 97225, jowalcott1@comcast.net

B SW PORTLAND: Emily Smith (503.293.6172), 4400 SW Idaho Drive, Portland, OR 97221, epsmithot@msn.com

C NORTH PORTLAND: Jane Sterrett (503.283.5289), 6635 NE Mallory Avenue, Portland, OR 97212 janester32@gmail.com

D NE PORTLAND: Susan Avery (971.227.0535), 3118 NE 32nd Avenue., Portland, OR 97212, sdotyavery@gmail.com

E SE PORTLAND: Tam Gardner (503.360.2393), 1346 SE Lambert Street, Portland, OR 97202, clean.floors@yahoo.com

F GLADSTONE/CLACKAMAS/OREGON CITY/MILWAUKIE: Nancy Lillie (503.866.9038), 135 W. Gloucester Street, Gladstone, OR 97027, replayfun1999@gmail.com

G LAKE OSWEGO: Carol Hull (503.387.3366), 14590 Wilmot Way, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 carolandtomh@gmail.com

H ALOHA/HILLSBORO: Kathy White (503.649.8247), 19345 SW Madeline Street, Aloha, OR 97007, kmwjmw@fronteir.com

I TUALATIN: June Bradley (503.692.6959), 10278 SW Moratoc Drive, Tualatin, OR 97062 [no e-mail]

J GRESHAM: Rebecca Tellez (503.888.3415), 775 NE 9th Street, Gresham, OR 9703, rebecca.tellez24@yahoo.com

K USPS, UPS, or any other mail service: Maureen Orr Eldred (503.646.5970 home, 503.706.5064 cell), 20235 NW Rock Creek Blvd, Portland, OR 97229, moequilts2@comcast.net. If you are using any mail service please complete your registration form and make a copy besides e-mailing the form. Attach the copy to the quilt. All quilts received by USPS, UPS, or a mail service will be RETURNED by that service unless other arrangements are made with Maureen Orr Eldred only. Send a check to Maureen, payable to Northwest Quilters, to cover RETURN shipping and insurance costs. Your quilt will not be entered in the show unless return shipping is paid in advance. NWQ will hold your quilt until this money is received. NO OTHER DEPOT WILL RECEIVE USPS/UPS/MAILED QUILTS.

DEPOT: Select one of the options from the drop down menu by referencing the above list: *
All entries will be released only to the depot chairs after the show closes at 5:00 PM on the final day of the show.
Name of person who will deliver and collect this entry: *
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Phone Number: *
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CATEGORIES: This is not a juried show. If you have a beautiful, interesting or special quilt, please make it a part of our 2018 quilt show. The awarding of ribbons will be in the categories listed.
Have you ever entered any other quilt shows before? *
Priority of Quilt: (If you are entering more than one quilt, please provide Registrar with a priority in case all the quilts cannot be exhibited.) Select one of the options from the drop down menu: *
NUMBER of PEOPLE INVOLVED with making the quilt: Select one of the following. *
• APPLIQUÉ QUILT: appliqué is the predominant construction technique.
• ART QUILT: (abstract or pictorial/representational) a unique, non-traditional work that is original in concept, design and execution.
• MINIATURE QUILT: not just a small quilt but one that has a miniaturized design; blocks must be no more than 4” and finished quilt has no side larger than 30”. Hanging sleeve not required.
• MIXED TECHNIQUES QUILT: design features more than one construction technique to a significant degree.
• MODERN QUILT: may include one or more of the following characteristics: the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational/liberated piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, alternate grid work, and/or the reinterpreting of classic block/quilt designs.
• SMALL PIECED QUILT: perimeter is less than 248”, and the surface is primarily pieced.
• LARGE PIECED QUILT: perimeter is 248” or more, and the surface is primarily pieced.
• WEARABLE ART: garments or accessories (such as bags or hats) constructed with a technique associated with quilting.
Technique Category for 2018: Select one of the options from the drop down menu:
• ANTIQUE or VINTAGE QUILT: Quilts that are 100-plus years old (antique) or 40-plus years old (vintage)
• Would like to JUST SHOW A QUILT.
• YOUTH: Quilt maker is 17 years old or younger. All participants will receive a participation ribbon.
• OTHER ITEMS FOR DISPLAY: Fabric or fiber items to be used for display only. For example: pin cushions, bowls, felted wool or summer coverlets. Gift, Purchased, Tied, Yo-Yo, or Raffle Quilts. Subject to display space. Barn Quilts (wood), Stain Glass blocks or some such representation of a quilt will be displayed as space premits. No crocheted or knitted items.
For Display Only: Select one of the options from the drop down menu:
• HAND QUILTING: Hand quilting must be the predominant quilting technique.
• DOMESTIC MACHINE QUILTING - HAND GUIDED: A conventional sewing machine was used as the predominant quilting tool.
• LONG-ARM/MID-ARM/EMBROIDERY MACHINE QUILTING: A long arm or mid arm or embroidery machine as the predominant quilting tool. Please distinguish between predominantly COMPUTER-GUIDED or predominantly HAND-GUIDED quilting.
Quilting Categories for 2018: Select one of the options from the drop down menu:
Was your quilt made or started at a Northwest Quilters' workshop? *
Is this quilt to be displayed as part of any exhibit with others, as in your small quilt group?
Name of group:
Your answer
Are you interested in selling your quilt at this quilt show? If your quilt is sold, there is a 25% commission to Northwest Quilters. A contract will be sent to you before the show. *
Source of Design: [List the pattern name or If adapted from... or If inspired by ... or Saw a picture on the internet or Traditional or Original or .....] *
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Story of Quilt/Entry (75 words or less; this is about six to eight typed lines depending on how long your words are on this form; anything beyond that will be edited for brevity): *
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After submitting this form, send a separate e-mail with a photo of the quilt as a jpeg to jgent@teleport.com. Please remember to put the name of the quilt on the subject line. Receipt of registration form(s) and picture of quilt(s) will be acknowledge within seven (7) days. Submission deadline is Sunday, the 1st of April 2018. Please direct questions regarding the Quilt Show to: quiltshow@northwestquilters.org
I understand that Northwest Quilters, Inc. does not have insurance coverage for my quilt(s). I understand that it is my responsibility to properly insure my quilt(s) against any and all risk if such coverage is desired. I agree to release Northwest Quilters, Inc. from all liability for any loss, damage, theft, or destruction to the quilt(s) entered by me in the Northwest Quilters, Inc. 2018 Quilt Show.

I understand that my quilt(s) can only be picked up at the depot of my choosing by the person of my choosing from Sunday, May 13, 2018 through Friday, May 18, 2018.

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(Must be signed. Typed name is acceptable. Submission of the Registration Form constitutes acceptance of the rules.)
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