The 2017 PaperGirl Highly Scientific Double Dimples Survey #DD
This survey is specifically tailored for people who have dimples on BOTH sides of their face cheeks.

*Note: If you have ONE facial dimple or do not have ANY facial dimples at this time, know that your input is important and will be requested shortly. Thanks to all who are contributing to this extremely important and scientific study! Love, Mary

— This survey is dedicated to the patron saint of the double-dimpled, the incomparable Shirley Temple. Obviously. —
1. How do you feel about your dimples?
2. True or False: I have to remind myself at times to "pull back" or curtail my reactions/behavior when in conversation with others because I have been accused of trying too hard, being too "on," or appearing too eager, etc.
3. Select the word that best completes the sentence: "As a flirt, I am generally ____________."
4. I'm a daddy's girl. [*I apologize, but I can't think of the male equivalent for this question, so any dimpled guys can skip it for now or fill something in the "Other" box.]
5. Rate your level of curiosity on a scale from 1 to 5.
Curiosity killed the cat. I want to live.
I am so voraciously curious, I couldn't wait to take this survey and I also am looking forward to it being done so that I can go learn/do/read something else.
6. The following words have been used to describe me. *Check all that apply.
7. I would consider myself a lucky person.
8. Do people poke your dimples? How do you feel about that?
Your answer
How often do you get complimented on your dimples?
Talk to me about your dimple experience. Tell me YOUR truth, my DD sisters and brothers!
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