Let's talk smart!
The need of this initiative appeared as a learning need of the participants on the youth exchange
project Youth! Action! Change! Implemented by our partners AMIGOS DE EUROPA in November-December 2017.
During the last day session (What we do next with Erasmus+?), the participants identified the
following learning needs: grow at personal and professional level by developing communication skills which will definitely lead to the raise of self-esteem, improvement of negotiation, taking decisions and teamwork abilities, essential competencies required in the efficient access in the labor market.

The aim of the project is to bring together 30 young people from 5 Program and Partner countries to improve communication skills for an efficient integration on the labor market.
The aim will be reached by the following objectives:
- To support the participants to practice and enhance communication by exploring topics such as
Leadership, Conflict resolution, Group problem solving, Assertiveness, Active listening, Constructive
feedback, Non-verbal communication;
-To reflect on the communication nowadays challenges;
- To promote non-formal education as a means to enhance communication;
- To understand their own learning process by exploring the key competences promoted by the
The project addresses communication connected to work place by means of non-formal learning,
based on participants experience, motivation, needs and learning objectives.

Profile of the participant we are looking for:
-age (17-25 years old)
-interest in Erasmus+ programme in general and youth exchange projects in particular
-committed to be actively involved in planning, organizing, implementing of the activities of the
- committed to disseminate the results within their organizations and to multiply the impact of the
project by actively working with peer youth in their local communities
-interested in finding solution for the identified needs in a non-formal learning context
-minimum working level of English (B1 to C2, according to Common European Framework of
Reference for Languages).
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