Hosting a Birth Doula Training
Get started on your doula journey today!
Thank you for considering hosting a birth doula training! This form will help me get to know a bit about your needs and how we can work together.

When hosting a training you may be asked to help with the following:

- Seek out a location to hold the training class. (Should fit up to 20, and I'll help you figure out places to try.)
- Marketing the training in your area.
- Scout out hotels and restaurants near the training site.
- A simple map of where everyone can grab some lunch is especially helpful!
- Arriving early and staying a bit later to help with set up and take down.
- Facilitating snacks and materials, if needed.

In exchange for your help, you can earn a scholarship to attend the training, including the possibility of a free training if we are able to get enough participants. I will be helping you with marketing materials and advertising online too.

Please give me as much information as you can to help me plan and figure out what will work best in your area. I look forward to working with you.

*** This is not to be used for trainings already scheduled or in the Louisville, KY area. ***
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What type of training are you looking to host: *
Month you'd prefer, dates if you have them. *
What groups are you a part of locally that might be beneficial for you to market within?
What other ideas do you have for marketing?
Anything else you'd like to tell me about your idea for a training?
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