John Henderson PAC Executive expression of interest
Please complete this form if you are interested in becoming a member of the 2020-21 John Henderson PAC Executive.

What is the Henderson PAC Executive?

The Henderson PAC Executive is a group of up to twelve (12) PAC members who take on more responsibilities or a leadership role. PAC Executive roles can be shared between two (2) people, if desired. These members are elected into their roles on an annual basis at a predetermined time. If a position is vacant it may be filled via a vote at a regular PAC meeting.

Note: Two members of the same household may share a role with the following considerations:
• If the role is a required Signing Officer, only one of the two may be added as such
• They share a singular vote when making an Executive decision
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Check all that apply. Descriptions of each of the roles can be found on Note: The number of Member at Large roles is dependent on how many, if any, other roles are shared. Our goal as an Executive is to first fill all active roles but will do our best to accommodate everyone.
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I regularly go to the school in person *
Note: This is NOT a PAC requirement. This is just to know who is / isn't available to assist with drop-off / pick-up of items from the school office during school hours.
I understand that as an Executive member I will be required to commit to approx. 3-4 hours per month, including meetings. *
Note: This commitment may vary slightly based on role and any PAC sponsored activities in-flight.
I understand that my interest in the above role(s) does not guarantee that I will get the role. All roles will be subject to election at a virtual PAC meeting. *
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