Audiobook Edge Matchmaker (Readers)
Greetings, I will soon be adding a matchmaker aspect to Audiobook Edge, and I'm excited to invite each of you to join in. This is the interest/application form which will only be available to those on the AE regular list.
Summary - the Matchmaker program will be dominated by titles that got "rejected" from the normal list due to being too long, being the wrong genre, or having some content that would offend some readers.
Also, it's a way I can help more authors find excellent readers like you and help more of you find authors you'll love. (I physically can't listen to everything being pitched. There aren't enough hours in life.)

Benefits recap - cuts out much of the competition for each title, allows you a crack at subsequent books in a series, gets you more options faster than I can keep up with the weekly schedule, starts sooner than regular AE, free for readers.

Some of you have been kind enough to send me information already, but please fill in the form anyway. I need to have it all in one place so I can categorize you properly. The more I know, the better your matches will be. Please be as clear as possible about your tolerance levels. I only want to send you things you might enjoy.

What is your full name? (first and last; this will help me organize my lists) *
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What is your email? (Super important! I can't get in touch with you without this.) *
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What genres are you willing to read/review? (List as many as you like. These are the tags I'm going to be using. Please separate them with a comma.) ie. nonfiction, historical fiction, romance, etc
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How do you feel about strong language? (cursing) *
If you had to pick just one other genre, you're most interested in ... *
What is your heat tolerance for adult relations? (please note, I refuse to represent erotica and certain other genres) *
What is your tolerance for audiobook length? *
Are you willing to review books (Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog) for the author if you like the story? *
Can you handle more than one book at a time? *
If there's anything else you think I should know about your qualifications or preferences, please put it here. (This is your chance to shine. If you can do a quick turnaround or are really excited to get started, here's where you declare that.)
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