2020-2021 Parent/Student Handbook Acknowledgement

Please read this page carefully. The Parent/Student Handbook is available on the SPC website and was sent to parents by email. You will be asked to provide an electronic signature at the end of this form.

I have read the 2020-2021 Parent/Student Handbook of Policies, including the iPad Usage Policy, of St. Peter Claver Catholic School. I understand that my child and I will be expected to abide by these policies and procedures. The homeroom teacher will provide and explain the iPad Policy to each student. My child will be required to sign an iPad agreement, and I understand that my child will not be issued an iPad until both my child and I have signed an agreement. I have read and agree to abide by the DOSP Parent Code of Conduct. I also understand that no school records will be released until my total financial obligation has been met.
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