SkyBlade - Helper Application
Want to help make SkyBlade a safer and friendlier place? Well, now is your chance!

As a helper, we ask that you:
  • Moderate chats and take appropriate disciplinary action when necessary
  • Monitor/spectate games, viewing behaviour to ensure it's not breaking our rules
  • Send direct reports and issues to our senior staff as they happen
  • Record/screenshot evidence to support that your ban/mute was necessary
What makes a successful applicant:
  • Already active on both our Discord and Minecraft server
  • Already known to be helpful (submitted reports, helped players)
  • Not have any previous history of mutes and bans
  • Has Two-Factor Authentication enabled on Discord
  • Proper use of grammar and punctuation throughout
  • Full sentences, containing details when asked

Please be honest in this application.
Failure to do so could hurt your chances.

Applying does not guarantee the role.
We review each application to ensure we have the best people for our team.

Which of these platforms do you have? *
Even if you have one version, this will not affect your chances.
If you have it, what is your Minecraft Java in-game name?
If you have it, what is your Minecraft Bedrock in-game name?
Have you been punished on SkyBlade before? *
Depending on how recently this was, we may reject your application entirely. We're looking to accept players that constantly follow our rules, to set an example to other players.
How many of these have you done? *
These are the things we'd expect from a SkyBlade Helper. Be truthful - we can check!

Selecting more than you've actually done will hurt your chances.
You should do as many as you can before submitting this application.
How many of these apply to you? *
What time zone are you in? *
The best team is one that has people on hand around the clock.
If you don't know your time zone, a quick Google search can get you the answer.

Example: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
When did you join SkyBlade? *
We are looking for people that have been playing on the server for a little while now.

Don't worry if you can't remember the exact date, as long as you have the month.
Don't attempt to make it seem like you've played longer, we'll be able to check.
Why are you applying as a Helper? *
This one should be detailed, giving as many specifics as possible.
Do you have any skills that you can highlight to us (that would be useful)? *
Things like being "good at PvP" or "great at command blocks" are not required to be on our team - don't include skills like these.
Do you have any past experience(s) as a Minecraft Helper/Moderator? If so, where? What were your responsibilities? (we don't count your own server) *
If you have it, we're looking for as much detail as possible on this one.

We want to know what you were like as a helper/moderator before and what you had to do. Also, please be honest - we want to choose someone that is trustworthy.

If you've never been a moderator before, just tell us!
How do you think you can improve SkyBlade as a Helper? *
What is your Discord username? *
We require ALL Helpers to have Discord since this is our main point of contact.

By using Discord, you must follow their Terms of Service.
Would you be able to join our Discord Voice Channels? *
Preferably, this would also mean using a microphone to communicate with other staff.
Final Check *
You must understand and agree to the following:
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