Illinois Solar Industry COVID-19 Impact Survey
ISEA is requesting input on the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on your business.

Congress and the Illinois legislature are considering emergency response measures to address the health and economic impacts of the spreading COVID-19 coronavirus. Help ISEA accurately describe the areas of greatest concern and need for the Illinois solar industry.

This data will be shared with the Solar Energy Industries Associations as we work together to help determine national and state strategies.

Please take the time to complete this survey to ensure we have the information we need to represent your interests.
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Approximately how many employees does your company have working on solar-related activities in Illinois? *
For each issue area below, please indicate how concerned you are about COVID-19 impacts on you, your employees, and your business. *
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N/A - This issue does not apply to me or my company
Supply chain and equipment delays
Permitting delays
Interconnection delays
Construction delays
Delayed or canceled project due to customer financial concerns.
Delayed or canceled project due to customer COVID-19 related health concerns.
Customer acquisition challenges
Customer credit
Staff health coverage
Staff out of office sick
Staff out of office to care for family (schools closed or to care for ill family)
Company liquidity during disruptions
Availability of tax equity
Availability of project debt
Force majeure issues and impending legal questions
For Developers, EPCs, and Installers: please describe what, if any, delays you expect in your project pipeline.
Which policies have you adopted or are you considering adopting for some or all of your employees? Check all that apply. *
For Developers, EPCs and Installers: please describe what, if any, concerns you have about being a granted an extension under the ABP if your project is delayed due to COVID-19.
Please describe any other areas of concern you think ISEA should be aware of and share any ideas for how ISEA can help your company and industry.
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