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Welcome to Montserrat College of Art!

Please answer the following questions so that we have some information about you that will help us to create your first-semester class schedule. The answer spaces may look small, but there is enough space to write all that you need. Please make sure that you regularly check your Montserrat e-mail for important news and updates. Please feel free to contact if you have any additional questions, comments or concerns.

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What do you think your strengths are in studio art-making disciplines (i.e. animation, design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video, etc.)? *
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Which area do you think you could benefit from working on more in studio art-making, e.g. those skills you want to improve upon? *
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What art-making discipline interests you most? *
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Describe your level of comfort with computers/digital technology. *
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What do you think your strengths are and areas you need to work on in academic courses (i.e. English, history, etc.)? *
NOTE: Montserrat offers a remedial English course (EN099 Writing and Study Skills) which new students can self-select into. Please see the New Student webpage, under Support Services, for a detailed description and tell us if you wish to be scheduled for this course in the fall semester.
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Do you have any advanced placement (AP) or college transfer credits that we should consider in making your schedule? If so, please list the courses/exams you took and where you took them (the name of the school or college) and the number of credits you received. Please note, all final transcripts need to be received by June 15. *
NOTE: In order to be awarded AP transfer credit, you must have scored a minimum of 4 or 5 on an AP exam (college AP courses alone do not count) and have submitted an official College Board Report. Awarding of college transfer credit requires a minimum grade of 'C' and must be equivalent to Montserrat curriculum; college transfer credit is not awarded for remedial courses.
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Is there anything else you would like to be taken into consideration as we develop your schedule? For example, do you do your best work in the morning or in the afternoon/evening? Do you have a work schedule or family obligations that are difficult to change and will affect your class schedule? *
NOTE: It is generally recommended that students earn 15 credits per semester to stay on track for graduation. This often means taking classes in the morning and on Fridays each semester. Additionally, during your time here, students often enroll in block classes, including on Fridays, as required for certain concentrations or to take advantage of certain elective options.
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Choosing an Elective
Each student is encouraged to choose an elective during their first semester at Montserrat. The choices are listed below. We will try to accommodate your first choice, however availability may be limited, so please also provide a second choice. You can find descriptions of these courses on the Montserrat website. Click "Resources", then click "Registrar and then click "Course Descriptions" on the right hand menu. Scroll down to find the department, then the course description. Some of these titles are self-explanatory and relate to a specific discipline, but you may choose any course that interests you.
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