We, the undersigned, join to declare our solidarity with, and commitment to work alongside, Latinas, their families, and communities, as they struggle for reproductive and economic justice and the recognition of their human rights.

Across the country, Latinas are working for health equity—including access to affordable reproductive healthcare, bodily autonomy, and the ability to make decisions about pregnancy, parenting, and abortion. Latinas are also struggling to support their families, against tremendous barriers.

Low wages, workplace abuses, and cuts to safety net programs force many Latinas to make impossible choices between putting food on the table or paying the rent and paying for needed, often life-saving healthcare.

The ability to make our own decisions about health, family, and sexuality are inextricably linked to our ability to earn a living wage, work with dignity, and support ourselves and our families.

We declare our support for reproductive and economic justice priorities of Latinas, including:
· Health equity for Latinas, including access to affordable contraception and pregnancy-related care including abortion.
· Medicaid expansion in every state.
· Justice for immigrant women and protections from workplace abuses.
· Fair wages, including a livable minimum wage.
· Affordable childcare, including for young parents.

Finally, we pledge to work in partnership and community with Latinas and reproductive justice advocates to join our struggles and build more inclusive movements for social change. We will advocate together to challenge and dismantle the oppressive systems that deny the self-determination and humanity of Latinas, to transform our culture, and to work for change. The time is now.

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