KAT Great Wave - Interest Check/Feedback
🌊Keycaps inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖浪裏) by Hokusai
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What region are you located in?
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Top: Katakana Alphas (Kanagawa), Japanese Modifiers (Umi), Japanese F-Row (Fuji) || Bottom: Latin Alphas (Berlin Blue), Latin Modifiers (Swell), Standard F-Row (Foam)
ALPHAS - Preferred legends?
Katakana Sublegends (Ōnami) and Icon Modifiers (Spray)
MODIFIERS - Preferred legends?
F-ROW (75-100% users) - What legends do you prefer? (These are two separate kits, and both will be offered)
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Are you a 96 key-layout or compressed 75% keyboard layout user? (Due to the compressed F-Row, it changes the gradient pattern requiring additional keys in the F-row kit. We need to know if these keys are worth retaining)
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Which kits would you get? (Note that not all obscure kits will necessarily make it to GB stage, thus interest is necessary)
Feedback on Novelties
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Ortho/40s users - What legends would you prefer
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JIS users ONLY - Do you need a 4.5u spacebar? (current mold doesn't exist, thus we need to demonstrate to manufacturer there is demand for this)
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Yoko-e (Deskmats)
Meaning a print in horizontal or “landscape” format
The Great Koi
Ryūjin (龍神)
Ryū (龍)
The Great Cats off Kanagawa
Which would you get? (Can pick multiple)
Feedback on Deskmats
Other Deskmat Ideas
General comments, feedback or suggestions?
🌊 ありがとうございます - Thank you
BobaSweatAndTears x dudeship
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