More of, Less of, Differently and Better
This form is to capture ideas on what the organization should be doing more of, less of, and differently to move results in a positive direction. I like to explain this exercise using something that most people love and can relate to: Pizza!

Pretend I give you a pizza. Toppings are sausage, anchovies, and cheese, with a marinara sauce on a thick crust. What would you like more of on your pizza? Pepperoni? Olives? Cheese? Veggies? What would you like less of? Get rid of the anchovies? Ditch the sausage? What would you do differently? Maybe a thin crust or deep dish? Maybe an Alfredo sauce?

And finally, what the best part of the pizza? Is the crust or cheese or sauce better than any other pizza around

The only rule is that it still has to be a pizza when you finish. It cannot be a burrito or a hamburger or even a calzone, it needs to still be a pizza. It may have changed from a deep dish meat lovers to a thin crust Mediterranean chicken and vegetable but it is still a pizza.

Keeping this concept in mind (it still needs to be a pizza after your changes), answer these questions relative to your organization remember that you still need to "be a pizza" after the changes.

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More of? *
What should the organization be doing more of? These are the things that will really make a difference to clients and the team. If more time was spent doing these things the organization would be more successful. Everyone associated with the organization would be happier.
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Less of? *
The reduction or complete elimination of these activities would result in happier clients and team members. These are things that waste time, provide little benefit, and generally just frustrate everyone.
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Differently? *
These are things that need to be done differently to make them more efficient and or effective. An example could be "going paperless." You still need the information but hard copies waste time and space and have handling expenses not associated with digital files. What are some things that could be done differently?
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Better than? *
If you could tell all potential clients (and remind current clients) and team members why they should choose this organization over all others, what would you tell them that this organization does better than anyone else?
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