Graphic Artist Self-Nomination
The Charm City Kitty Club - Baltimore's longest running queer cabaret - welcomes lesbian, dyke, bisexual, transgender, transsexual and genderqueer graphic artists to self-nominate their interest in designing a CCKC show poster. With every show a unique blend of queer performance art, our goal is to work with a local artist to create an equally unique poster to promote our talent.


* 3-months before each show (~ March and July) we will select one artist to work with our collective on designing a show poster. We will send you design specifications, along with a description of the show's theme. We'll ask to hear and/or see your concept for a poster and may need you to make some edits to the final poster.

* Submitted artwork must be in digital format.

* Baltimore's Charm City Kitty Club will own all rights to the final poster, but we totally want you to keep it in your portfolio and share it with others.

* Self-nominations are accepted year-round. No need to resubmit. We'll be in touch, if you're selected.

* We currently offer a $50 payment for your service.
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