The Farm Store Online Order Form

1. This is not a traditional eCommerce system like Amazon. This is a tool that was created for the Farm Store in order to help create a list of the items you would like the team at the store to have prepared for you to pickup on a designated date and time.

2. Please understand that the items listed in our product catalog as well as the prices listed are our best attempt to make our inventory available online for you. An accurate total will be presented to you once the order has been shopped for you in-store.

3. After providing some basic order information on this page, you will be guided through the different sections of our store to add items to your list.

4. Add items to your list by clicking the radio button (dot) to the right of the item you wish to add to your list. The columns represent the quantity or amount of an item you would like to order starting with 1 and up to 6 items. If you need more than 6 of an item, click the radio button (dot) in the second to last column which is labeled 6+ SEE NOTES. Then add a note for how many of that item you need in the notes section at the bottom of the page you are on. For example, if you need 10 lemons, please click the radio button in the 6+ SEE NOTES column and then specify how many of the item you need. Example "10 lemons" or "lemons x 10."

5. Please use the notes section at the bottom of each section to indicate any special instructions like "green bananas please" or "half and half only if the expiration date is more than 2 weeks out."

6. Unfortunately, there is no way to clear out a dot on an item you clicked on by mistake or no longer want. If you want to remove an item from your order, please click the far right dot for the item in the CLEAR column.

7. On the very last page, there is one more notes section for any information or instructions that apply to the whole order like "Please pack my order in boxes" or "Please email me if there is anything that needs to substituted."

8. Payments will be handled outside of this system. A store team member will arrange payment once they notify you that your order is ready to be picked up or upon arrival at the store.

9. If you have any ideas, suggestions about this process, please share your thoughts with us and we will see what we can do to make the system better.

10. After submitting your order, if you need to make any changes or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 802-644-9463 or

11. That is about it. Thank you for visiting The Farm Store and happy shopping! We really appreciate your business.
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