Family Permissions Form: Virtual Summer Science 2020
In order to maintain the spirit of Summer Science and its hands-on, outdoor-based learning experiences, we will be asking students to work on activities that ask them to go outside, complete experiments, build things, observe things, and create things, often independently. We trust that students and families are prepared and ready for this responsibility. Our staff have done everything they can to ensure that students are aware of any minor risks, safety issues, etc. that may be involved in each daily activity, but we ask that you also speak with your child to ensure they are using common sense, responsibility, and respect whenever they are participating in Summer Science programming. This includes their online interactions with peers and staff, as well as any interactions they may have while out and about in the community working on Summer Science activities.

If Summer Scientists (and/or their families) choose to complete an activity out in the community (i.e. hike a portion of the Ice Age Trail, visit a local natural area, etc.) we ask that they be respectful of local rules regarding social distancing, leave no trace principles, etc., knowing that they are a representative for our school district and our program.

Additionally, we want families to know that all Summer Science activities are OPTIONAL. If you do not feel comfortable with your student participating in a certain lab or activity, please contact our program staff or look at our weekly list of extension activities for an alternative.

Lastly, one of our main goals for this online program is to maintain a sense of connection and community that is such a strong part of our traditional in-person program. To do so, we are using an online platform called FlipGrid to share student work, short videos, etc. Program coordinators will also be using several social media platforms (a private Facebook group and Instagram account) to share student experiences. If you are at all uncomfortable with media/photos of you student being shared on these channels, we ask that you contact us immediately to let us know.

Thank you for reading! Lastly, we hope that you can take the time to have a conversation with your Summer Science student to go over basic common sense principles and how a day of online Summer Science may play out in your household. We know each family has a unique situation this summer.

Em Meier & Jessica North
Program Coordinators
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