Psychology Society Election
Interested in running for an executive position with the Psychology Society for the 2020/2021 school year? Fill in the candidate self-nomination form below to let us know about the position(s) you are interested in and a little bit about yourself.

On April 3rd this form will close and the election will open. All psychology students will have the opportunity to read your bios and place their votes.

On April 10th ballots will be counted and the new executive team will be announced!


President (5-7 hours week) - Manage all societal resources, including directly leading the executive team, as well as overseeing all societal operations. Responsible for external representation of the Society and ultimately accountable for ensuring the fulfillment of the Society’s mandate and mission. Final say over executive and financial decisions.

Vice-President (2-3 hours week) - Managing all incoming emails and sorting them into the appropriate folders. Responsible for conflict resolution should it become necessary. Update the Co-Curricular Records. Take minutes at meetings. Organize the annual executive election.

Director of Research (2-3 hours week) - Creating a monthly newsletter. Staying up to date on all academic and psychology related research, matters and events on campus. Helping with the planning and execution of research nights.

Director of Member Relations (3-4 hours week) - Managing the database of members and volunteers including: keeping track of member attendance, keeping track of volunteer attendance, updating mailing list with new members, and providing list of CCR approved members and volunteers. Responsible for any communication between members or volunteers in regards to membership or volunteering Coordinate all volunteers for all society events which includes the delegation of responsibilities and quality assurance.

Co-Director of Events (4-5 hours week) - Plan and execute all society events in collaboration with the executive team. Responsible for submitting the Semester Activity Plan by specified deadlines. Maintain detailed documentation of all events and initiatives.

Director of Communications (4-5 hours week) - Webmaster and social media manager for the club - i.e. maintenance of the online presence of the society. Responsible for maintaining and updating the website. Managing all of the society’s social media and keeping up to date. Advertising and poster design.

Director of Finance (2-3 hours week) - Responsible for managing the finances of the society, including any money than comes in or goes out. Planning and tracking all of the clubs expenditures. Creation of yearly budget before the start of each school year. Assisting with budget for events, activities, merchandise, and any other potential purchases made on behalf of the society.

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Candidate Bio (approx. 150 words) - Tell us about yourself! For example, what are you studying, why are you interested in this position, what makes you a good fit, what is your vision for next year? And include anything else you might want to highlight for voters. *
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