Empire Minecraft Public Member Event Submission
Events will be added on a daily basis to the official Events calendar. Please submit your event more than a day in advance in order to guarantee it gets on the calendar.

All public events will be posted on the front page in the Public Member Event Announcement thread on the day of the event. If you need to cancel your event, please pm Krysyy AND the Empire Event Organizers on the forums to do so in advance. In addition, update your thread accordingly.
What is your username? *
This should be whoever is in charge of your event.
What is your event title? *
Drop Party, Firefloor, Grief Party, Race, Etc...
What day is your event? *
Month/Day/Year format
When is your event? *
Please post the EMC time. Type /emc time in-game to get the current time.
Where is your event? *
Res number and server.
Please post a link to your event's thread. *
This will be included in the event information and should be included to have a successful event.
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