Dan Hollings + Rapid Crush (Jason Fladlien + Wilson Mattos) - The Plan Fall 2022 Launch Affiliate Program JV Request Page
Dan Hollings + Rapid Crush (Jason Fladlien + Wilson Mattos) - The Plan Fall 2022 Launch Affiliate Program JV Request Page
Pre-Launch Begins: Thursday, October 6th 2022
Cart Open: Tuesday, October 11th 2022
Cart Close: Thursday, October 25th 2022

"The Plan has sold over $70MM since it's initial beta launch Summer of 2021 ...

The Plan is a training program created by Dan Hollings, which teaches how to set up "crypto bots" that make money whether the crypto market goes up or down, after spending years learning & perfecting numerous cryptocurrency strategies, the most famous one being his "wiggle method".

The Plan has had numerous launches, many of which have been while the program was in "beta".

Here's an example of a small handful of affiliates that produced over $6,000,000+ in sales within a 2 month period!

... And here is the kicker - none of these lists were “targeted” for crypto offers.

Amazon Affiliate
$100+ earnings per click, over half a million commissions generated with more to come on the rebills!

Digital Marketing Affiliate
Just under half a million in commissions after cart close! Factor in the payment plan re-bills and he's way past half a million!

International Affiliate
Rebills haven't kicked in yet and they're already over $370k in commissions. Insane!

eCommerce Affiliate
She came out of nowhere and will break $250k commissions with rebills!

SEO Affiliate
All his traffic came from SEO. He never even did a live webinar.

Kindle Affiliate
Just look at these EPCs - $69. C'mon, where do you see this!?

We have several other affiliates who have sold over $100,000 with this offer - many of whom don't regularly even sell $10,000 during an affiliate promo.

Impressive, right? Well... consider this...

During our recent product launch in late 2021...

- ​Live Webinar Earnings Per Attendee were $601.82 - $645.03 on average.
- ​Revenue Per Webinar Registrant was $250.16 on average.
- ​"The Plan" converted ~7% of all webinar registrants into customers.
- Revenue Per Replay Registrant was $264.12 on average.
- ​Live Webinar Conversion Rates: ~17% on average at a $3,497 price point.
- Special Live Web-A-Thons saw revenue per attendee numbers as high as $1,018.28.
- Over 503 affiliates made at least one sale during our late 2021 launch.
- Our amazing support team responded to tickets within 83 minutes on average or less during our launch.
- Our December launch generated over $25 million in revenue in less than a few short weeks alone!

When we say we have not seen anything like this in years, we mean it. It's a once in a decade type of opportunity! Our launch made history in many ways, and we are looking to continue that trend going forward!

What were they promoting?

The Plan is a digital training program that teaches customers how to set up “Crypto bots” that trade various cryptocurrencies hundreds (sometimes thousands) of times per day. Each time they sell a coin, they make a small profit - usually between 17-86 cents.

That doesn’t seem like much, except... it can happen several hundred times per day.

Customers of The Plan don’t guess if a cryptocurrency coin will go up or down. They hope it goes up and down. A lot. Because that’s when they make the most money. True, if they buy low and one day sell high, they can make an extra profit on top, but that's just icing on the cake.

As long as cryptocurrencies continue to fluctuate (hint: they will, because that's what they do!), The Plan will keep producing results like these:

The Product

The Plan was previously in "beta" for the majority of last year. For our launch in November/December we launched a new member's area and created many new assets for our customers.

Customers are trained on each step of The Plan over group-zoom calls. Within ~5 sessions, they get everything they need to work The Plan and be successful - regardless of previous crypto or trading experience.

The Creator

Dan Hollings is the inventor of The Plan. Dan has been on the cutting edge of tech for over a decade. His accomplishments include:

Mobile marketing pioneer - Dan was one of the first marketers to predict the web would go mobile - and made a killing as a pioneer in mobile marketing.

Amazon wizard, with $300 million worth of goods sold on Amazon. Again, he saw the future of commerce, and got in right at the start.

The marketing mind behind The Secret - yes, the one featured on Oprah and called “the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done" by ABC... Dan was the one who came up with the original online marketing strategy for it.

Dan is an expert at spotting the trends that are about to go big, and then finding the most powerful, easiest ways to cash in on those trends.

The Marketing Team

Dan has worked for over a decade with his marketing partners, Rapid Crush, Inc.

You may have heard of Rapid Crush - they are the most successful affiliate of all time in the Internet Marketing space.

They hold the record for biggest affiliate promotion, selling almost $10 million dollars in just 8 days.
Led by Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos, Rapid Crush creates the partner & overall launch/marketing strategy for "The Plan". They, more than anyone, know the secrets to big time affiliate results.

For "The Plan", they’ve created amazing marketing funnels, have led design, development, constructed an A+ support team, and handle many of the day-to-day operations for "The Plan".

In addition, Dan Hollings & RapidCrush are supported on launch strategy & marketing by Mike Balmaceda & his company AMPLIFY.

Mike is a 10x+ 2 Comma Club Award Winner, and is the behind the scenes marketing team for some of the biggest influencers, celebrities and launches on the net.

Equally as important are Elaine, Ashley, Ian, Tony, Daniel, Heather, AC, Anthony, Drew, Kezia, Matt, Sabrina, and dozens of our other team members that have helped this program (and continually help this program) to become a success.

How To Get Involved With "The Plan"

The Plan sells for $3,497 one-time or four installments of $1,000. We provide 40% commission on all money collected from those you refer.

We pay 45 days after promo cycle ends, then 30 days thereafter for payment plans.

If you meet our affiliate partner requirements (see the form below), we'd love for you to take part and share this with your tribe. Depending on when you reach this page, we may be offering private promotions or may have additional "mini-launches" scheduled.

Our Launch Will Have The Biggest Affiliate Prizes EVER.

Top 10 Leaderboard prizes include $250K for first place. Affiliates make $1400+ commissions. Refund rate is practically non-existent.

"The Plan" is a Good Fit For Almost Any Audience! (we're a bit biased, but it's true!)

Anyone in the eCommerce, digital marketing, internet marketing, personal development space is a great fit.

Yet even if you had a list of golfers, The Plan would likely convert insanely well.

Here's why:

17% of Americans own bitcoin. In other parts of the world, it's even higher. Everyone and their brother wants in on Crypto, yet no one even knows what they’re buying... or how to get an edge.

That’s why, when they see The Plan, they have that lightbulb moment - “this is it!” - and sign up like crazy.

"The Plan" Has Customers In Over 128 Different Countries (and counting)...

Sharing "The Plan" With Your Audience...

...is simple. Once your affiliate registration is confirmed, we recommend that you drive them to a private webinar we’ll host for you or a general affiliate webinar we often host. If it's a private webinar you show up and introduce Dan, and he tells his story of how he got into crypto, how he figured out crypto bots, and the results of student after student who is winning big with The Plan.

Then he makes the offer, and stays on with his team to answers all sorts of questions related to The Plan and close sales

You just promote this webinar starting a few days in advance. Then, you send out emails to the replay for a few days after the webinar until the offer closes. It’s that simple.

Webinar Registration

The registration rate and webinar showrate is some of the highest we've ever seen in the last 6 years.

Webinar Replay

We use a specific tech to make the replays convert much higher than what you're used to. This thumbnail doesn't do it justice ;)

Sales Page

There's more to this page, but does there need to be? People are just ready to buy on the webinar by the time we send them here.

Fall 2022 Launch Pricing & Commission Structure

The Plan will be sold at $3,497 during our launch OR we have a split payment option of $1,000 x 4.

For referring a customer, partners receive 40% of cash collected for the $3497 or $1000 x 4 (after any refunds or chargebacks).

The Plan Leverages (Arguably) The #1 Sales Tracking System on The Internet.

The Plan’s affiliate program is managed in Karta, which is known to be robust, and sets a 30-day cookie for affiliate referrals. But, that wasn’t enough for us, as many sales can be lost or misattributed in this process (as we’ve seen promoting other people, too).

So, RapidCrush developed a multi-faceted “backup tracking system” that tracks referrals by several other methods, including IP tracking. Every transaction without an affiliate referrer is manually checked against backup tracking databases within 48 hours of the sale taking place (normally within a few hours).

When a match is found, commission for the sale is manually assigned to the affiliate in Kartra, where the affiliate can see all referred sales. Bottom line, if you refer a sale to The Plan, you can rest assured that your account (and commissions) will reflect that!

We've Done The Legal & Compliance Checks, Too.

We've crossed our T's and dotted our i's when it comes to legal & compliance. We have some of the best attorneys in the country vetting our every word, slide, email, and marketing asset before it is ever said or gets promoted to any prospects.

So, you can rest assured knowing that we will do everything possible to have our marketing, program content & all else be compliant and reviewed by our attorneys before it ever sees the light of day.

What To Do Next:

If you're interested in getting involved with "The Plan", make sure you meet the affiliate requirements mentioned below, fill out the form, and hit submit.

Thank You For Reading!

Dan Hollings & Team".



I'm an officially approved and appointed JV Broker for Dan Hollings & Rapid Crush (Jason Fladlien + Wilson Mattos), and they are very particular when it comes to the quality and reputation of the affiliate marketers they choose to partner with.

*** If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, with the proven ability to convert and retain multiple sales of a high ticket product during the course of a pre-determined launch period, using ONLY white hat tactics, and you're interested in connecting with the Rapid Crush JV Team to request your participation in the upcoming launch as an affiliate, please fill out the form below. ***

If approved, you will be contacted by Affiliate Manager Heather Serrano.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Merz Sr
Officially Appointed JV Broker for Dan Hollings & Rapid Crush (Jason Fladlien + Wilson Mattos) - The Plan.
Founder/Owner/Admin: JVNotifyPro.com/JVNewsWatch.com

Legal - Your contact information will not be traded, sold, or given away.


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