Transformative Justice Practitioners Meeting
Registration for the network meeting on Saturday, Sept. 21st from 12-4 pm in Berlin (location and other info will be communicated via email). If you would like to attend the meeting as a group, you are welcome to fill out one form together (but you don't have to).
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Why are you interested in this meeting and what do you hope to get from it?
To the extent possible and relevant, share how YOU and the COMMUNITIES you (want to) do transformative justice work with are positioned socially? Here we mean with regards to race, ability, class, gender, sexuality, religion, migration status, survivor of violence, etc.
Do you have knowledge or experience with the issues of sexual and/or partner violence? (Do not feel obligated to disclose anything personal if you do not wish to)
What is your background with transformative justice?
Have you been involved in transformative justice responses or processes for specific cases of violence?
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If you answered yes above, please describe those cases (briefly and in a way that respects the anonymity of those involved).
If you answered no above, do you plan on facilitating transformative justice processes for specific cases of violence in the future?
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What role do you currently hold or see for yourself in the future in transformative justice processes?
What questions or topics related to transformative justice would you like to discuss at the meeting?
Do you have skills related to transformative justice which you would be interested in sharing at the meeting?
What could make the meeting more accessible and comfortable for you? Please share any accessibility needs regarding pain, mobility, sight and hearing, diet, allergies, childcare, space for lactation/nursing, seating, language and translation, service animals, or trauma self-care. We will do our best to organize English-German translation and gender-neutral bathrooms.
Anything else we should know?
Please write a short few sentences about yourself or your group identifying who you are, what community/ies you work with, and your specific motivation to attend the meeting. Please be aware, we will be sharing this (but nothing else from this form) with others who have registered.
We acknowledge that the people addressing harm in our communities work with different methodologies and understandings of transformative justice, which can be a cause of conflict. As facilitator, I strive to create a space that is intersectionally anti-oppressive and focused on holistic liberation (body, spirit, and mind). However, I cannot control the past experiences of transformative justice that people bring into the space. We invite you to have awareness around this and check in with your own capacity to hold space for this.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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