Corporate Team Events

We'd be very happy to host a Corporate Team Archery Event for your group on a mutually convenient date.

These sessions are proving to be very popular, and we appreciate the opportunity!
(A few of the corporations which schedule events with us are Facebook, Intel, Dell, AMD, Home Away, National Instruments, Texas Mutual Insurance, Electronic Arts, ERCOT, Vectra Networks, Austin Children's Advocacy, Glatfelder Insurance, Kerbey Lane, etc., so book now so you're ready for our indoor corporate archery tournaments in SPRING 2017!)

We also would like to thank your company for its vital, indirect support of USA Archery's Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program! Support like yours grows Olympians!

Please read the following information and fill in the fields at the bottom.
Below is a typical agenda for a Corporate Team Event with us, and some other general info, which may make things run more smoothly.

CAPACITY: 10 places on the shooting line. 1-20 participants. Even numbers are best, if you have over 10 participants.

AGENDA (approx.- depends on number and pace of participants)

1:00 Arrival; waivers (to be signed by participants over 18 years old or adults/parents/guardians)
1:15 Selecting two-person teams; equipment review and selection (bows, arrows, finger tabs, arm guards, targets, etc.)
1:55 Safety rules; whistle system
2:10 Form (positions) training (stance, nocking, hooking/gripping, set, mindset, set-up, drawing, anchor, loading, aiming, expanding, release)
2:45 Ranking Round - shooting in teams; quantity of arrows will depend on number and pace of participants
3:45 Olympic Round: Based on ranking round; each team picks a country to represent; all teams progress in a match play to the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal matches, with other teams cheering them on!
4:15 Awards Ceremony and podium presentations, photos!

We can schedule a 3-hour group class
during the day (between 1:00-5:00) on T/W/Th/F or
in the evening (between 5:00-9:00) on M/F
for a max. of 20 people, pending your confirmation. If you would prefer another day or time, please tell us.
It's best to allow at least 3 hrs. for the class. We may run over by as much as 30 minutes, depending on everyone's arrival and ability. If this will be a problem, please let us know, so we can pace the event carefully.

ARRIVALS: We'll all start together, so it's good to have everyone arrive on time or together.

PARKING: We have limited parking space for about 8-10 vehicles. Some corporations decide to park at a nearby shopping center parking lot, and then "carpool" to the archery range.

FEE: For a 3-hour Corporate Team Event, there is a minimum fee of $150 for 1-5 people, and then $25/person for 6-20 people. The total fee for 10 people is $275. We can accommodate 20 people for $525. If your company requires a separate written receipt for accounting purposes, please tell us in advance so we can have one ready for you.

PAYMENT: When you arrive at the range, you can pay for the session individually or by corporate check payable to Archery Training Center, or by credit card (+4%). All fees must be paid before the session begins.

REFUNDS: If you pay in advance of arrival, a refund will be issued only for cancellations in writing not less than 24 hours before the session begins.

EQUIPMENT: We provide all equipment necessary during the Corporate Team Event.

WAIVERS: There will be waivers for each archer to fill out and sign when they first come in, and before entering the range. All signees must be at least 18 years old. For those under 18, a parent/guardian will need to sign for them.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please let us know if there are any special concepts you would like us to emphasize, or any other considerations which you would like us to take into account.

Here are some links, which you and your group may find interesting before you get to the session.

The YouTube videos showing the top American male archer, Brady Ellison, competing with the top Korean archer, KU Bonchan, in the Rio Olympics Men's Semi Final Match. This is the best we've seen in 20 years! You have to watch every shot.

THANK YOU for your interest in and support of Olympic target archery. We know you'll all really enjoy being part of the Olympic Round at the end of your training!!

We look forward to your time with us.

If you'd like to discuss your reservation in more detail, please call Coach Racae Meyer 512 436 8813 at your convenience.

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