Group seating reservations for BA formals
We will only reserve up to 30% of the seats for each dinner. If there are more requests I will ballot the groups the night before the dinner. There's no advantage to submitting early so please sort out your plans before you book and don't just book 10 tickets unless you definitely need them. This form will close at noon two days before the formal (So usually Wednesdays for Friday formal).

Remember that before making a seating reservation you should BOOK TICKETS FOR THE DINNER THROUGH UPAY FOR ALL THE GUESTS. It is also necessary to indicate the full name of ALL guests for who seating is being reserved in this form.

Please don't forget that, according to the White Book (p 53), permission from the Head of Catering is needed in cases where more than ten people make a prior arrangement to dine together in Formal Hall.
To make a booking for more than 10 people, please fill in this form and send us evidence that you have obtained permission from Catering to
"Students are reminded that, if they wish to dine as a group, it would be more appropriate to make separate arrangements elsewhere in the College." (White Book, p 53)
Remember that this doesn't replace booking tickets through Upay.
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We do not consider bookings with non-integer numbers of seats.
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I have carefully read all instructions and submitted the form by the deadline described above. I acknowledge that this form is not a guarantee of group seating, and some formals may not have group seating due to special circumstances. *
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